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Here at the boxing project we want to give you the basic skills and confidence to learn what it takes to set foot in the ring. Over a 12 week program, we will teach you the basic fundamentals of boxing, from movement and footwork to the strength and conditioning a fighter would need.  We will set you out a training program for the duration of the 12 week program and have group classes 3 times a week for the group Boxing Project competitors. 



What is the Boxing Project about?

Participants undertake the training program before stepping into the ring for a full amateur boxing bout against another first time fighter for a 3 x 2 minute rounds.  Your safety is our priority and we take will pride to ensure that match ups are carefully chosen based on your ability and weight and you will fight with head gear and 16oz gloves.   The fight will be complete with referees, judges, ringside doctor and in front of your family and friends.


Conditioning plyometric

Conditioning strength

Conditioning Legs/Arms




Basic Technique


Our Trainers

Our trainers are a dedicated and passionate team and have a vast array of knowledge and experience you can call upon. We are committed to helping you get ready for one of the most intense life changing experiences you can have.  Stepping into the ring takes a lot of guts and courage which many people are not prepared to do.  You will step outside your comfort zone and gain a lot of knowledge as well as get your body into the best shape of your life and not to mention see what you are really capable of.

What's Expected?

Participants of the Boxing Project are expected to pay an initial administration fee and are responsible for selling two tables to the fight night. Any further protective gear required to be purchased will be at the expense of the individual (e.g. Mouth guard, boxing boots, etc.) You will also have the option to pay a $100 additional fee to have the option to use the Gairy St Clair Boxing Fitness studio to attend other classes in your free time during the 12 week program. 1 on 1 sessions are optional and have an additional cost to the trainers you chose.

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Register before 16th April 2018

Your initial fee will be paid before you start the 12 week program. 


This fee includes:

12 weeks of training

Boxing Project T-shirt



Hand Wraps

Boxing licence and boxers insurance

Professional DVD and photography (Extra fee applies)

Basic nutrition guideline

Fight June 23rd 2018 - Ramsgate RSL

Where Are The Fight Nights Held?

2 course fully catered meal

Open Bar: Unlimited wine and beer

Show-stopping ringside entertainment

Fight night for the Boxing Project will be held at Ramsgate RSL, San Souci. Competitors are required to sell 2 tables to their family and friends for the main event. Tables for the Boxing Project Fight night seat 10 people at a cost of $2000 for a standard table ($200 per person) and $2500 for a ringside table ($250 per person) and includes:

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