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Our professional team bring many years of experience in the health and fitness industry, each with their own fitness specialty and unique training style.

Our experienced trainers are committed to ensuring a safe training environment, effective workouts and available to work one on one with you to keep you motivated, and continually progressing towards achieving your desired results.


Born in Georgetown Guyana in 1975, Gairy began boxing at the age of 9, representing his native country of Guyana at the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Canada. He went on to compete in 21 professional boxing contests in Guyana, America and Canada before moving to Australia in 2001 to continue his boxing career. 


Under the guidance of legendary Australian trainer Johnny Lewis, Gairy went on to capture the IBF and IBO Junior Lightweight world titles from then five-time world champion Cassius Baloyi. Gairy retired with professional boxing record of 60 bouts (46 wins, 2 draws, 12 losses). Gairy is regarded by many boxing experts as one of the most technically skilful and defensive boxers of his generation.

Gairy wanted to share his skills and knowledge in boxing training and fitness and opened up the Gairy St Clair Boxing Fitness gym in 2017.

Gairy St Clair
Boxing Trainer


Shane is a qualified Australian Combat and Exercise (ACE) boxing and group fitness instructor he has formal fitness qualifications having studied through The Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) and also holds a current CPR and First Aid Certificate.


Shane has a strong enthusiasm for all thing fitness, health and general wellbeing. He has taught a number of class disciplines but he specialises in cardio boxing and traditional strength training putting it in his words “there is never a bad moment once the gloves are on”.


Shane particularly loves the energy that a group class generates and believes that class intensity is important but classes should also be about fun and social interaction.  His favourite exercise is “the Plank”. Shane has been part of the family at Gairy St Clair Boxing Fitness since July 2017.


Hi, my name is Kishor; I am a Certified Group Fitness Trainer and a Boxing Coach.


I have 10 years of experience as an athlete in Boxing and 4 years of experience as a Coach.


I am originally from Nepal, a small Himalayan Country between India and China.

From an early age I was drawn towards sports and played Soccer for my High School and College teams.  

Later in life, I was introduced to Boxing and completely fell in love with the sport.

Boxing has taught me immeasurable respect, discipline and sportsmanship, which I endeavour to pass on to my students.  I have experience working with clients of all ages and fitness levels and I am always eager to guide and motivate them to attain their individual goals.


Apart from maintaining the intensity of the workout, what matters most to me is that my students are having a good time during the sessions.

Boxing Coach

Berto is a boxing coach and personal trainer whose is passionate about boxing and fitness. 

He is keen to educate others about the benefits of boxing, sharing what the sport has personally taught him, resilience, respect, hard work, self-dedication and self-motivation.


Berto is a registered Combat Sports Authority trainer and Boxing Australia accredited coach.  Mentored by six time world champion trainer,  Johnny Lewis along with a string of other world class boxers and coaches.

His knowledge of training methods both in skill development and conditioning is extensive and varied.  An attentive and focussed coach, he modifies these training method to suit anyone for amateur boxers through to general fitness clients.


Through training with Berto you will learn how boxing fitness can not only benefit your physical health, but also your mental health all whilst getting fit in a fun, in a non-judgemental group environment.


In addition to his love of boxing, Berto is also a certified personal trainer, offering his clients one on one sessions tailored to their specific needs and goals whether it be improving boxing techniques, building general fitness or fat and weight loss.


Berto holds a Certificate III and IV in Fitness and holds a certificate in Level I Master Training and was also a Nike NTC Tour boxing trainer.